Authentic South Indian Takeaway in Crediton Devon

We accept major types of credit/ debit cards ( Visa, Master etc) and phone payments. Upto £45 contactless.




The secret behind any tasty food is the ingredients and its origin. Sourcing the freshest ingredients is what gives our food its mouthwatering flavours. This is where we differantiate from others with our unique and authentic blend of spices . Authenticity is maintained through the method of preparation and recipes. Please read our FAQ section for a more detailed information before placing your first order.

You can place the order over the phone ,text message or email. We welcome PRE-ORDERS for any day before 11AM . Please wait for us to confirm your order.

Due to Covid rules in place , Customers are strictly requested to follow Govt guidelines while collecting the food all the time.

1 Tuckers Close, Crediton, EX17 3NZ ,Devon , UK ( Corner house, Red door, brown fence diagonally opposite to Chiddenbrook surgery bus stop in Crediton) , Tel : 07497972770 Email : thiru@komban.co.uk

All our food might have nuts and plenty of common allergic substances. Very high chances of cross contamination.Please call or email for more details. To us Safety & Quality comes first. We have a strict food policy and hygiene guidelines recommended by Mid Devon District Council (MDDC).The management will not take any resposibility towards people with severe food allergy and we advice not to order food from us.

If the food was good and wish to leave a review . Could you please click on the GOOGLE REVIEW button. Any complaints please let me know as soon as possible I will do my best to solve. https://g.page/r/CQNCZFZodVoDEAg/review.

By eating a vegetarian or Vegan meal we reduce CO2 emissions and packing in reusable containers saves huge amount of CO2 emisions . The Carbon foot print is 6Kg of CO2 per kg of plastic on average depending on the type of plastic. So far at Komban we saved 28 tons of CO2 as of 31/10/2021. Thanks to all my customers for their continued contribution in saving our planet earth. There is no better methods in the world than reducing at source and we at komban proudly implement it.

Our business model is 100 percent sustainable as we take advantage of locally sourced ingredients-not just produce but also goods, diary, seafood,groceries, eggs and more. 85% of our food budget is spent on local goods. We insist reusable dishware and reusable packaging containers. We recycle food and plastic packaging waste which arises due to shopping. We encourage and create sustainability awareness and change in food habits that emits less CO2 into the atmosphere.

We publish our carbon emission and also adapt to change. Our menus keeps changing as we keep pushing our limits and targets to increate sustainability. Komban will be the first take away in UK to publish the carbon emission for 2020,2021.

All our heathy and weight loss menu will be added soon .

1.Chicken Curry+ Rice

2.Chicken Dum Biriyani

3.Idiyappam + ChickenCurry

4.Lamb Chukka

5.Lamb Curry

6.Salmon Fish Curry


8.Masala Dosa+ Vada (V)

9.Full Vegetarian Meals (V) 12 items

10.Potato Masala/Bombay

11.Mixed Grain Chappathi (V)

12.Parota(1) (V)

13.Murukku (Starter)


15.Pori Masala (V)

16.Masala Vada(Starter)(V)

17.Onion Pakoda (V)


19.Vathal (Starter)


21.Potato Bhajji (V)

22.Kesari (Desert) (V)

23.Rasam (V)

24.Prawn Thokku

25.Chicken Tikka Masala

26.Butter Chicken

27.Aloo gobi(V)

28.Dahl (V)

29.Paneer tika masala (V)

30. Yogurt rice (V)

31.Kadala Curry (V)

32.Salmon Fish Fry

33.Aapam (V)

34.Paniyaram (V)

35.Veg Kadai (V)

36. Sambhar (V)

37.ChowChow Bath


39.Ghee Rice (V)

40.Medu Vada (V)

41.Appalam (V)

42. Jeera rice (V)

43.Coorg Style Mutton Curry

44.Keralan Chicken Curry

45.Meat Ball Chukka

46.Mutton Dum Biriyani

47.Carrot Halva (desert)

48. Samosa

49.Lemon Rice

50.Bengaluru Pulav Rice

51.Tomato Rice

52.Coconut Rice

53.Sambhar Rice

54.Plain Rice

55.Cheese dosa

56.Onion dosa

57.Butter Dosa

58.Adai Dosa

59.Kal Dosa

60. Ghee Dosa

61.Garlic Curry

62.Egg Masala

63.Cabbage Egg Podimass

64.Kara Kulambu

65.Peas Kurma

66. Banana Stem Curry (V)

67.Rava Idli

(Semolina )

68.Rava Dosa(Semolina )

69.Mixed Veg Upma (Semolina )

70.Rava Laddu (Semolina )

71.Rava Vadai

(Semolina )

72. Rava Poori (V)

(Semolina )

Tamil Nadu Meals on banana leaf

Not available

Kerala Meals on banana leaf

Not available

Andra Meals on banana leaf

Not available

Karnataka Meals on banana leaf

Not available

Mumbai Thali

Not available

Non Veg Meals on banana leaf

Not available